I fear no beer

It wasn’t that long ago that SAB had pretty much close to 100% of the beer market. Amstel switching sides has shaken up the commercial scene and Brandhouse has Heineken and Windhoek to throw at the big daddy now, which has seen their market share slump to about 90%(bar room figures, don’t quote). It’s also prompted the brewmasters at SAB to widen their own offerings, and we see Peroni and Marzen Gold in the premium mix too now. We had the unfortunate assignment of modelling the process flow at the Newlands brewery, and word on the factory floor is that they are pushing draught beer big time – you might have seen Carling taps popping up everywhere,

Enough about the JSE hops, what else is out there? Believe it or not, the local brewing scene is fermenting nicely. They will all cost a little bit more than the case you get at the grogshop, but you will find it’s worth it.

Boston – http://www.bostonbreweries.co.za/
I’ve had the draught a while back and see they have diversified, will give the ‘naked mexican’ a run for his money.

Ferrymans/Mitchells – not sure what the real deal here is, but bosun’s and mitchell’s are found at the waterfront here – all solid performers http://www.ferrymans.co.za.
I have heard a rumour about some ridiculous birthday special, if it’s true I will be dining there solid for the next three weeks.

Paulaner – another waterfront local. Go have a weissbeer and pretend you’re in Munchen. Oktoberfest is round the corner and it gets a little crazy. http://www.paulaner.co.za/

Napier Brewery – don’t know much about these guys, but hey they make beer so it can’t be that bad a story.

Birkernhead – just like the ship this one goes down very gently. But there’s no point waiting for women and children here, get stuck in! I’ve heard they have a red bull inspired energy beer, but it seems to be off the firing line (but get excitied about the chocolate malt, eh?!) http://www.birkenhead.co.za/

Brewers &Union – bit embarrassed to say i have not yet sampled the sausage and beer pairing here yet, must resolve that one asap – http://www.brewersandunion.com/thebeer.html

Jack Black – nothing to do with School of Rock, but another solid performer nonetheless.

And what inspired all of this? I was in Darling, doll and these guys popped up. It was a good one, bru.

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